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Besin biscuit started its business life for the purpose of producing healthy and qualified products and dedicating its experiences, gained via production and export activities for long years, to our country and our people. Aiming export since its establishment, our company especially produce for export activities in compliance with its aim. We attach importance to make good relations with our suppliers, customers and staff in the direction of our concept and we see this concept as our business career. We struggle to produce the best products for people and environment as a company that is aware of its social responsibilities. Besin biscuit started its business life in Istanbul because of the advantages.
The company was founded by our Honorary President Sayin Ramazan SIMSEK and established in Karaman in 1996. The company was firstly started by producing biscuits, chocolates, cakes, wafers and crackers
As Star Biscuit we manufacture and supply biscuits, cakes, candies, coffees, caramel sauce cakes, cacao coated cakes, cakes with carame sauce, biscuit, cake, candy, coffee, caramel sauce cake, cacao coated cake, cake with carame sauce, cream filling cakes, cakes with cacao cream filling, cocoa sauce cakes, cakes with cocoa sauce, cacao sauce cakes, cakes with cacao sauce, cacao coated cakes, mozaic cakes, mozaic cakes with cocoa sauce, cocoa sauce mozaic cakes, petit beurre biscuits, petit beurre, cream filling cake, cake with cacao cream filling, cocoa sauce cake, cake with cocoa sauce, cacao sauce cake, cake with cacao sauce, cacao coated cake, mozaic cake, mozaic cake with cocoa sauce, cocoa sauce mozaic cake, petit beurre biscuit... Star Company has been in confectionery manufacturing sector since 1977 in Gaziantep / TURKEY. Star Biscuits and Confectionary Industry has recorded remarkably rapid expansion and development due to its application of modern food processing techniques in all aspects of production. As a result it has always been a leading name in the Turkish biscuit sector. Star has always manufactured top quality products that in no way compromise human health, hygiene or the environment. As a result our products have been awarded one gold and two silver medals in various international food quality competitions. Star Biscuits holds K-Q TSE ISO9000, C-E TSE ISO14000, HACCP, TSE and Halal certificates for all its products and a TSEK certificate for all its cake products. In addition to biscuits, chocolate, cake, wafers and crackers lines, As a result the company is able to manufacture a substantial amount of the raw materials it uses for biscuits and confectioneries.
Our company has been established having the title AYSO FOOD AND CATERING INC. in 1990 by the chairman Mr Mustafa Kemal Sofoglu im Silivri -ISTANBUL. At the very beginning our company has only dealt whith catering facilities in Istanbul Region. Then Galore Kuke`s Food Inc. has been established with the intention of producing very special cookies in 2008. For Galore Kuke`s Food Inc. the combination of high quality and hygieneis the major tool to met customer needs. It is aimed to provide products whith the traditional taste using latest technology. Galore underlines that the customer satisfactions comes first.
ANI BISCUITS Inc. was established in 1995 and started its operations with the production of biscuits. With 20 years of success in sales give us opportunities to continuous investment. Our company took place for the second 500 largest companies in Turkey by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry after result of our performance of year 1997, 2000, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. With performance of 2013 and 2014 ANI Biscuits Inc. entered to first largest 500 companies in Turkey. ANI BISCUITS Inc., with 65000 m2 open area 115 000 m2 closed area facility is launching of its exports to countries around the world. With this success ANI BISCUITS has risen to Number 1 in the ranking for year 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 within Karaman export companies. In 2010, beside wafer, biscuit - cake - chocolate - hazelnut cream - crackers - marshmallow and soft candy lines ANI BISCUIT Inc. added a new line for cocoa-nut cake with cream, mosaic biscuit with chocolate drops. In 2015, the latest model and fully automated new plant was put into operation from abroad for cream biscuit products. ANI BISCUITS FOOD INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. from the first year of the establishment has given great importance to quality and has received TS-EN+TSE+TSEK+ISO 9001 certification which is accepted by all over the world in the food industry, finally the company gained the last point on food safety and hygiene for HCCP ISO 22000 quality certificate and also introduced the document HALAL FOOD certificate and finally we have received Information Security System certificate ISO 27001.
The factory was established in 1969. In that times, the factory was active in the field of biscuit, cream-filled biscuit, waffel and candy. In Oylum Biscuit Factory the productions are biscuit, cream-filled biscuit, waffel, chocolate covered waffel and cracker. The factory has the production capacity of 50 tones per day and there are three shifts, so it works 24 hours a day. The kinds in biscuit production are Petit Beurre, Finger and Marie. The kinds mentioned above are produced in 2.3 kg and 1 kg of packages and also can be serviced to market from 470 gr to 18 gr. 60% of the production are sold in Turkish Markets and 40% are exported to foreign countries. But the rates mentioned are changeable according to foreign countries′ requests. Some of the countries are African Countries as Togo, Chad, Abidjan, Guinea, Asian Countries as Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Kirgizistan, Jordan, Lebanon and European Countries as Germany and Romania. OUR VISION Our vision is to be a company whích is trusted and has a global perspective, developing and self-renewing, focused on efficiency and customer satisfaction in the fast moving consumer goods sector.